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The Cellfina Method


Cellfina has emerged as a safe and effective treatment for cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. The procedure is deemed minimally invasive and has received approval from the FDA. If you have excess, dimple-like cellulite on your lower torso and are at a healthy weight level, you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

At Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, we often have patients ask about the anesthesia that will be used while Cellfina is performed. The treatment is performed in office. Since minimal invasion is required, with only a small needle-sized device being inserted under the skin, patients only require local anesthesia.

Once dimpling has been identified and marked the area on which the procedure will be performed, it will be numbed with local anesthesia. After the area is numb, the procedure is carried out and you can recover in the next couple of days.

To learn more about the Cellfina procedure, get in touch with us right away.


Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Centeroffers Cellfina, an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure for cellulite treatment. Targeting dimple-like cellulite which appears on the thighs and buttocks, the procedure smoothens out the area and improves the appearance.

How it Works

During the initial consultation the area will be inspected. The first step, before the procedure is performed, is validating candidacy. To qualify for the procedure, you should be at a normal weight level and have dimple-like cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Your affected area will be inspected and checked.

Once you are approved to undergo the procedure, the day for the procedure will be decided. On the day of the procedure, all the dimples on your thighs and buttocks will be marked. A circle will be made on each dimple to guide our team to numb the area. Local anesthesia is applied, which is adequate, since minimal invasion is required.

The actual procedure involves the technology we have in-house at Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center. First, the skin in the affected area is isolated, using a suction device. This technique is performed multiple times to target each individual dimple that is identified. Then, a small blade is inserted under the skin which breaks up the connective bands in the fat tissue. These are the bands which cause the appearance of cellulite.

Over time, these connective bands get tense and the Cellfina procedure releases that tension. As a result, the dimples are removed and you smooth skin. The procedure remains the same, regardless of the severity of the condition. However, the time required for the procedure is determined by the size of the area to be operated upon.

Cellfina is a safe and effective cellulite treatment, and at Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, the patients’ safety and wellbeing is our first priority. If you want to learn more about the procedure and its effects, feel free to contact us.


Cellfina is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment for removing cellulite from the thighs and buttocks. Over the years, the treatment has proven effective and has delivered long-lasting results. However, you might be concerned about the recovery period after the procedure is completed.

The great thing about Cellfina is the recovery period is short with next to no downtime. After undergoing the procedure, which typically lasts less than 60 minutes, you can go about the rest of your day without any hassle, though you will have to be careful for the first 24 hours.

At Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, you can get the Cellfina treatment without serious side effects. In fact, the worst-case scenario is you will experience some soreness and bruising in the areas that have been treating. Over 90% of patients don’t have any visible bruising after 4 weeks of the procedure.

The pain, which is normally reported as minimal, will reduce gradually after a couple of days, and you will experience no discomfort unless you touch or apply pressure on the treated areas.

To sum it up, the recovery period for Cellfina patients is a few days, at most. You will get a clear idea of the recovery period during the initial consultation and will have all your questions answered. If you exercise caution and care, you should experience minimal discomfort and pain after the treatment.

Cellfina vs. Cellulaze

Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center offers Cellfina, an effective treatment for cellulite.

Cellfina is a relatively recent cellulite treatment, which gives it an edge over other cellulite treatments, such as Cellulaze. The FDA approved Cellulaze in 2012 and the technology for cellulite treatment has come a long way since, the result of which is Cellfina.

Cellfina is considerably more efficient than Cellulaze as the healthcare provider is able to identify each individual cellulite dimple that you find bothersome. The procedure can be performed in under an hour, earning the “lunch time procedure” label, and requireslittle to no recovery time.

Cellulaze is an invasive procedure that requires an incision prior to the insertion of a larger laser. This increases the risk for infection and other complications, like adhesions and prolonged healing time. The procedure duration including local anesthesia ismuch longer, requiring patients to take pain medications prior to the start. This means no driving yourself to and from the appointment.

Unlike the precise work of Celfina, Cellulaze treats general areas and is not recommended for spot treatments. After Cellulaze, you will experience considerably more swelling, bruising and face anextended recovery period.

Moreover, Cellfina is much safer as compared to Cellulaze. The procedure causes little to no discomfort, and though both procedures are performed under local anesthesia, Cellfina is safer for the skin and produces longer lasting results without the use of a laser.

If you have dimple-like cellulite on your thighs and buttocks, we recommend you opt for Cellfina over any other procedure. To discuss your candidacy and any other concerns you have regarding Cellfina, feel free to get in touch with Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center.

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