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Cellfina has proven itself as a safe and effective, long-term treatment for cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. The treatment is approved by the FDA and is minimally invasive.


Cellfina is the result of innovations in cellulite treatment technology. The procedure involves cutting-edge, state of the art devices, which remove the need for general anesthesia and also reduce the recovery time for patients.

The main components of the procedure are the Cellfina vacuum chamber and a thin reciprocating treatment blade. The vacuum chamber is used for tightening the skinand isolating areas on which the cellulite appears. Prior to the procedure, each individualcellulite dimple is identified and marked.

The vacuum chamberis then applied toisolate the tissue after which the treatment blade is used to cut through the connective bands which bind up the fatty tissue, resulting in the formation of cellulite.

Using this technology, up to 25 cellulite dimples can be treated in an hour.

Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center has the technology and expertise to perform the Cellfina procedure in a safe and quick way, ensuring optimal results and speedy recovery after the procedure.


Cellfina is, without doubt, one of the most effective treatments for cellulite removal on the thighs and buttocks available today. However, it is not meant for anyone and everyone. The key to achieving success with the procedure and ensuring effective results is verifying the candidacy of each patient.

Even the intensity and type of cellulite a person has on their thighs and buttocks helps determine whether or not they are a good fit for the procedure.

At Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, we screen each patient who comes in for the procedure. Our policy is based on providing the best course of treatment keeping in mind the condition of the patient and their overall health.

Based on our experience, the ideal candidates for the Cellfina procedure are patients whose

  • Body weight is within a normal range
  • Fitness levels are reasonable
  • Skin tone is good with minimal to no laxity

In addition, they should have dimple-like cellulite, instead of mild types which appear on the arms and upper body.

These factors have been determined to ensure only the people who will benefit from Cellfina undergo the procedure.

Patients who have skin laxity can often have their cellulite treated through skin tightening or similar procedures. In case you don’t qualify for the procedure, we, at Frank Fechner, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, will be more than happy to guide you regarding the best course of treatment.

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